Biometric security systems

Since undergoing new equipment training back in July, the Locksmiths Leeds team has had several great opportunities to put that training into action. The course, completed by all our locksmiths over three days, addressed cutting edge security systems, with a particular focus on retina-scanning entry equipment. We have since worked with two banks and one other high-security office in the city to install such equipment, both for door entry and computer unlocking. Biometric security systems such as these have two distinct advantages. Firstly, there are no keys to lose, and secondly, you know the only people who can unlock a system are the ones enrolled on it – keys and codes cannot be passed on. Enrolling employees on the new retina-scanning systems is a skill that had to be taught to our customers by the Locksmiths Leeds team. The secure database storing the necessary details requires a particular kind of operation and manipulation. Locksmiths Leeds is satisfied that it has left its customers impressed with their modern security systems, and able to operate them alone from now on. Of course, if any alterations or maintenance is necessary at a later date, Locksmiths Leeds will as always be only a phone call away.

If you are looking for a biometric security system to suit your home or business, why not contact Locksmiths Leeds today to discuss your requirements? Fingerprint-scanning safes start from as little as £150 and are perfect for providing that extra-secure touch, especially if you are the type prone to losing keys or forgetting codes. Biometric systems range small safes to full entry systems. Locksmiths Leeds will work with you to cut through the jargon and explain all options so you can decide on the system that best works for you. Call us and start your innovative security overhaul today!

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