Customer satisfaction

We pride ourselves in Customer Satisfaction

 cctvOur team pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with all of our clients.  Research has shown that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to companies.  Whether you are an individual or a business, Locksmiths Leeds aim is to make sure that your security and peace of mind is our number one goal.


We understand that security concerns can be a delicate matter for many– after all we each of us have things that are special or important to us that we couldn’t bear to lose.  Be it for personal, sentimental reasons or to protect a financial or business asset, what is worth securing is worth securing as efficiently as possible.  With such precious things at stake, we know that a friendly and compassionate approach is the best way to achieve satisfaction for both company and client.

padlockFor over 20 years our reputable service has served the local community, building up lasting relationships with customers from all around the city.  Along the way we have helped businessmen and women, families, supermarket chains, leisure facilities, offices and even members of the local city council.  As a result of our hard work and dedication to client satisfaction, our team has become a name synonymous with friendly and personable staff.  Many of our longstanding clients have asked to have future work carried out by the same individual staff members who served them so well the first time around.  We believe this is great testament to how well our staff sympathise with and understand the needs of the customer.

We work very hands-on with clients and trust that people often know what it is they want before they come to us for help.  We never try to push any unnecessary service on a client, and prefer to listen first before offering our range of solutions.  Such is our commitment to customer satisfaction we maintain a policy whereby any feedback from clients goes directly to the company manager, who in turn can get back in touch with you to discuss your comments and see if the company could be improved.  Additionally or alternatively, trade websites can be used to log customer experience.