How we stay educated by testing the latest products

Keeping our team educated

 door handle with measurementsIt’s important that one can trust our guys to be an expert in the area. This is something that all the team have a deep understanding of, and this is also why we are always making sure we are up to date with our knowledge of the industry market. There is an influx of new products to this fast paced market place, and we are always sure to keep up to date with what is being released. This so we can review and integrate the latest and strongest products, from a security point of view, into our own local practice. If you come and speak with one of our friendly team, I’m sure it will not take you long to recognise our dedication, both to our professional pride as a top service provider as well as our dedication to our customers. We always ensure that our girls is up to date with installation procedures and practices of any good security products that our customers may be interested in. We provide everything from key cutting, and door lock changes, to more incorporating security systems like networked alarm systems. So if you want to make sure that you get the best on the industry market, speak to an expert, speak to one of our guys. We can help you with any questions you may have, and advice you on how to proceed in getting your security up to date and as safe as can be.

Only the latest products

With a saturated security marketplace, it’s important that your local business has a key understanding of which products are suitable for which properties. While increased competition in the market between household brands and those only known to those in the industry has led to greater innovation at more competitive prices, it has also meant more choice in an industry in which the layman has very little common knowledge. Furthermore, professionals now offer a wider range of services than ever before. This means that gone the days of us focusing solely on traditional jobs such as mortise lock installations or UPVC-door mechanism repairs. Now our highly-trained lock specialists also operate in installing high-tech security systems such as alarms and CCTV. With such a wide-range of options available for improving the security of domestic and commercial properties alike, it’s no wonder people do not know where to start.

Thankfully for the people of our community and the surrounding areas, we have a team of highly-trained experts that are regularly testing new products that enter the market. This means that when you need a recommendation for how to improve the security of your property, our guys shall be able to provide you with appropriate and relevant advice, as well as providing you with a comparable list of options for you to choose from. Furthermore, all our professionals have years of experience of operating in Leeds. This means that we can streamline our services and products for the particular neighbourhood in which you live. For instance, areas with higher crime rates need products that offer not only high-security, but clear deterrents to any would-be intruders. It’s this innovative approach to security solutions that we think will have you in agreement with us that we go above and beyond expectations of a local fixer.

Comprehensive security inspections

If you have any concerns at all with regards to the security of your property, or if you are just wanting to make sure you up to speed with things on the security side. Give us a call, or come visit us. This is the field in which we operate in, and have done so for many years. We can come and complete a comprehensive security sweep of your property. It can be a house and a home or maybe a place of business. For us the size of the property does not matter, on top of that we can do so at a time which is convenient to you, making sure things are always handled in swift and efficient manner. Once completed one of our highly trained and professionals will be able to go through what has been found in this inspection with you, provide you with advice in the areas which could use extra attention, we can also advice you on full solutions suited to your specific situation and budget. When it comes to both the quality of the products we provide together with the experience and experience which allow us to advice on each individual security solution, nothing but the highest and best quality is acceptable here. With our friendly and committed team, you can be sure to find both understanding to your situation as well as your individual security needs. We can help provide you with the security you need for your property as well as the peace of mind you get when you know that all bases are covered.

Caring for our customers

Caring for our customersWhen it comes to customer service, of course the team only operate under the highest standards. We always make sure we listen and understand the individual needs of each customer that walks though the door, or contacts us on via phone, in order to provide the best advice possible for their individual situation. With the years of experience we hold, not only in our specialised industry and our special trade, but when it comes to listening and communicating with our customers we have learnt the importance of a reliable and friendly service. We see ourselves as part of the local community as much as our customers are, and take much pride in being able to say that we still provide a quality service at a cheap price, today, when the traditional tradesmen are more and more uncommon. So if you need help or advice on anything with regards to locks and security, the only number you need is ours. Give us a call, or why not come visit us in our branch. One of our friendly staff will greet you with shared enthusiasm and dedication to help you with anything that you may need. We take great pride in being able to provide the highest level of service and care for our customers.


How do I pick the right material for my security door?

How do I pick the right material for my security door?

Today there are more things to think about other than simply what lock to put on your door for security. Before you get to the choice of high security lock. There is a choice of door material to make. Of course the material that you pick needs to be in line with your taste and preference.

What door material is best for my securityThe professionals at our reputed service always advise those picking a new material for their security door on flavour and budget. The simple reason being that if the choice is with regards to a door that is in use often. You will have to look at it every day. A good choice that suits your style and your taste is important. Picking a door due to a slightly high security rating may be something you will come to regret. Besides. When picking what door material to use for your high security door. All the most common materials, wood, UPVC or metal come in high security varieties.

True, they come in at different cost, however, the cost and the security level rise is fairly consistent and in line with the security provided. Let the skilled professionals at our service assist you with the choice of your high security door material choice today. By giving us a call now. We are happy to assist you at any time and with any door. From supply to install. From start to finish you have full and friendly service.

We can also introduce you to a range of great high security doors of different materials and styles. Please feel free to speak to us about your choice as early as today. In the end the high security door material that you pick is up to you, and with a flexible and understanding local team such as ours, any decision and choice is always up to you.


What are the pros and cons of keyless entry systems?

What are the pros and cons of keyless entry systems?

To think about a keyless entry system at home or at work does indeed feel like a step into the future. Not long ago home security at its height was a security camera, large and bulky, mounted at the door. These days, home security has been made sleek and streamlined. Cameras, electronic peepholes, imperceptible motion sensors and scanners or digital pads for keyless entry has become a daily occurrence.

Keyless entry solutionsBut before you opt for a digi lock or a facial recognition lock or perhaps an eye or hand scanning lock. There are a few things that are worth considering. After all there are also many benefits to the good old key systems. Not to forget when thinking about the pros and cons of a keyless entry system is the reliability and originality of a key. The lock security that exists today is very fine and anti pick locks and five lever mortice locks prove hard challenges to bypass even for experienced burglars.

Keyless systems come also with newness. Which is something that our skilled and trained technicians are apprehensive about. There are many factors about keyless systems, like smart home systems, code lock system or fingerprint access systems which simply have not been in play for long enough for us to know what the down sides are. Some systems provide battery backup in case of a power out, but by no means is this a standard feature. Some systems even fail in providing locksafe fallback. Meaning that some doors will simply unlock if there is a power out.

The same argument can of course be seen from a security point of perspective. And if there is a fire, there may be electronic problems which keep the door locked. A nightmare scenario may occur.

If you have a keyless system installed, ensure you do your research, speak to your industry professional and discuss and address all your issues and concerns. Feel free to call our specialists at any time.

Are keyless entry systems secure or just a gimmick?

There are several arguments which swing the discussion both ways to whether as keyless entry systems are just a novelty. Or if they are to be considered serious protectors of your home or business. In the present, there are several systems on the market that we would recommend and would call safe secure. However, as it’s new technology, and the long term effects and factors of such keyless technology is yet to be seen. It doesn’t come without risk to be an innovator in this field.

Today, the best security products and the highest value for money that you can get. Seen from a security point of view. Does not lie within the keyless and smart home security region. This is simply due to the technology costing more for what our experts would consider the same protection. And there is a good feeling in going with the tried and tested lock and key.

That said. Our team is happy to see the fast paced development forward and we are also excited to see what will happen next. We are always on the ball and can assist you with your smart home and keyless entry system installation at any time that will work well for you.

To find out of a keyless entry system is for you or your business. To investigate, and for a chance to speak to a security industry professional on the topic. Feel free to give us a call at any time. There are as many benefits as there are downfalls with new technologies such as these. However, we need the innovators who pave the way with bold decisions of the products they choose for their security. If you are one of them, get in touch with us now and have your new system installed and up and running as soon as today. Of course you can contact us for any other key, lock, alarm or security inquiry as well.


What padlock should I choose for my garden shed?

What padlock should I choose for my garden shed?

A great way to protect your garden tools when not in use. Or to keep your precious plants safe in your greenhouse. Especially during times when you are away. Make sure that you give some thought to the locks you choose for your outdoor structures.

Alarmed padlock for outdoor structuresThe first pick you’ll be faced with is between a padlock with a key. Or a lock which is opened with a code. There are positives and negatives to both choices. And the advice of our professionals is to go with the type, code, or key which suit your preferences. A code lock is not ideal for locks used rarely and a keyed lock is always at risk of a lost key. Either way. Whatever padlock you choose, make sure you pick a high quality high security lock from a known make.

Ask our team about shed and garden structure locks specifically to find out more. You can reach our friendly staff at any time for the help you need.

Another common choice, and with good reason, is to pick an alarmed padlock. This means the alarm will sound if the lock is tampered with or is struck by force. This type is considered more secure and less commonly attacked. It means raising your budget slightly. But for the security it provides and the additional deterring effect it provides. We see it a smart choice.

Outdoor lights will go a long way towards that deterrence as well. With good view and automatic lights in the dark corners of your garden and around your garden structures. Your risk of suffering theft is lessened. Our local and trained crew are happy to advise and install any security features you are after for your home. Feel free to call us any time which suits you.

Should I get CCTV for my garden?

The choice you make of padlock to protect your outdoor structures. Or which in any other way is exposed to the exterior world. Which may pass by the hands of someone with lockpicking skill. Should always be treated with extra care. Additional security may be needed where locks alone are not enough.

We spoke about outdoor lights and security cameras. What is important to remember with your outdoor areas. Is that often they are left unattended for long periods of time. At the present, with the technology boom there are only good reasons to invest in some security equipment. It’s affordable, and will help keep your outside structures in a good and highly secure way.

garden cctv and other outdoor security from lock and security specialistsWhere you position your security features such as light and cameras should be a choice made with strategy in mind. CCTV is known as one of the things which has an incredibly high deterring effect on the mind of a burglar. The thought or chance of exposure. Being caught in the act on camera. Make most intruders turn at the sight of an electronic eye.

To add to the deterring effect of the CCTV there can be a strategically placed motion sensor activated light. Which prompts the person to look in the direction of the light. In finding the light source. Instead into view a CCTV camera should pop in.

That’s just one option out of many to use technology in a good way. One that helps you keep your garden secure and your outdoor areas safe. If you ask our experts we feel that everyone should get CCTV for their garden. Proven as one of the most effective ways to protect your home. You simply can’t go wrong. Get in touch with our outdoor security specialists at any convenient time for you. In order to find out more and to get the quick quote for the security service you need now.


What can a reputable locksmithing business help me with?

What can a reputable locksmithing business help me with?

What can a reputable locksmithing business help me withIt would be too go to far, to state that a good local and reputable business can help you with everything you ever desire. However, in many cases. They can. In our practice the knowledge and history of the trade lives. Just as the new technologies are welcome to your professional Leeds locksmith.

A reputable business has a passion for security and security products. They are specialists in installation. And finally, and perhaps most importantly. They care for the people they are helping keep safe. From us you can find locks, keys, entry point security for doors and windows. You can also find advice on what door material to choose for your high security door installation. Alarms, advice on lock and padlock choices, security inspection and business security.

Security bars, grills, safes, gates and safes is also something that a reputable business will be able to help you with. It’s our recommendation that you pick a local service for your needs. This comes from the speed they will be able to arrive should you be in an emergency. As well as the easy of which you can make use of their services.

Local and traditional reputable business are always your best way forward. Long lasting relationships, and security that is built to last and protect you. Together with all the things you love the most is their passion. A reputable business always puts the security and safety of the customer as the highest priority.

As a reputable business always keep your security as the main point in any project and live in the community. They will provide the highest standard of service. In addition. If you come to someone like ourselves. Then you are also guaranteed to find all services which a reputable locksmiths can help you with. At a great and highly competitive price.

We wish you luck in your search to find a reputable business who can cater for all your needs. If close to our practice, please give us a try. You’ll soon find the many reasons why our services are respected and recommended.

What do I do if I’m interested in a locksmithing course

Education and training is part of our daily practice. As is discussions and intuitive problem solving to find ideal security solutions. These things are regular occurrences with us, and should be with any respectable locksmithing service provider.

Seasonally we also attend a range of locksmithing courses. Which help us keep up to date. So that we can assist you better in your quest to make your home or your business more secure.

Learning about relative and relevant security is key to keep prices down for our customers. We want to stay away from providing security which does not serve a highly useful purpose for our customers. Ease of use is in our mind, and of course we are competitive in price.

If you are interested in attending a locksmithing course. Either as someone entering the field. Or as someone curious about entering the field. You can speak to our experienced practitioners at any time. We are a traditional service which value both the longevity of the locks we provide. As well as the longevity of the local security we help raise awareness and level of.

Interested in locksmithing learning courses or the tradeOnline resources provide great information about the locksmithing trade. And we suggest you have a browse and investigate deeper before making any decisions on your career.

Locksmithing work is hard work. Both physical and skilled. Saying that however, it’s also a deeply rewarding thing to do. Helping locals and community members be, and feel more safe whilst at work or at home is a great feeling. This feeling is the reason why we work as hard as we do.

Speak to us today about your locksmithing course interest. Or get in touch for any advice, service or emergency situation straight away. Learn about alarm security, keyless entry security and modern technology.


Locksmiths Bramley

Our friendly team are now expanding into Locksmiths Bramley. Our professional, experienced and friendly teams are now available across the whole of Bramley as well as the wider LS area. Locksmiths Bramley offer a wide range of services, conducted efficiently and carefully by our polite, capable professionals. Never let getting locked out ruin your day! Locksmiths Bramley offer an emergency locksmith service to restore your access to your home or work, on a 24 hour basis. Our 24 hour service is so efficient that Locksmiths Bramley can restore access to your property within the hour, no matter what time of day you call us!
In the event of losing or breaking your keys, or damage to a lock preventing your access; Locksmiths Bramley will restore you to your property with as little damage as possible; non-damaging unlocking techniques are often the most successful. Where the lock is damaged beyond careful repair. What a reputable locksmithing service can help with is wide. Locksmiths Bramley can remove the lock and replace it with a new one of any style.

Security Systems Bramley

Along with our new expansion to Locksmiths Bramley, we are offering 10% off any of our security system installations. Locksmiths Bramley offer a wide range of excellent security systems for both domestic and commercial properties. Security systems include door chain and bar fitting, window bars and shutters, CCTV and alarm systems and motion censors. For commercial properties such as shops, Locksmiths Bramley can install electronic tagging alarms, to prevent shoplifting.
Locksmiths Bramley can also offer locksmithing services for automotive locks. Got locked out of your car? Faulty car locks especially boot locks are common problems and can be resolved quickly with the assistance of Locksmiths Bramley. Often access to your vehicle can be restored with no damage at all to the exterior, that’s to the years of experience of our locksmiths at Locksmiths Bramley.


Customer satisfaction

We pride ourselves in Customer Satisfaction

 cctvOur team pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with all of our clients.  Research has shown that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to companies.  Whether you are an individual or a business, Locksmiths Leeds aim is to make sure that your security and peace of mind is our number one goal.


We understand that security concerns can be a delicate matter for many– after all we each of us have things that are special or important to us that we couldn’t bear to lose.  Be it for personal, sentimental reasons or to protect a financial or business asset, what is worth securing is worth securing as efficiently as possible.  With such precious things at stake, we know that a friendly and compassionate approach is the best way to achieve satisfaction for both company and client.

padlockFor over 20 years our reputable service has served the local community, building up lasting relationships with customers from all around the city.  Along the way we have helped businessmen and women, families, supermarket chains, leisure facilities, offices and even members of the local city council.  As a result of our hard work and dedication to client satisfaction, our team has become a name synonymous with friendly and personable staff.  Many of our longstanding clients have asked to have future work carried out by the same individual staff members who served them so well the first time around.  We believe this is great testament to how well our staff sympathise with and understand the needs of the customer.

We work very hands-on with clients and trust that people often know what it is they want before they come to us for help.  We never try to push any unnecessary service on a client, and prefer to listen first before offering our range of solutions.  Such is our commitment to customer satisfaction we maintain a policy whereby any feedback from clients goes directly to the company manager, who in turn can get back in touch with you to discuss your comments and see if the company could be improved.  Additionally or alternatively, trade websites can be used to log customer experience.



Biometric security systems

Since undergoing new equipment training back in July, our team has had several great opportunities to put that training into action. The course, completed by all our boys over three days, addressed cutting edge security systems, with a particular focus on retina-scanning entry equipment. We have since worked with two banks and one other high-security office in the city to install such equipment, both for door entry and computer unlocking. Biometric security systems such as these have two distinct advantages. Firstly, there are no keys to lose, and secondly, you know the only people who can unlock a system are the ones enrolled on it – keys and codes cannot be passed on. Enrolling employees on the new retina-scanning systems is a skill that had to be taught to our customers by our specialist team. The secure database storing the necessary details requires a particular kind of operation and manipulation. We are satisfied that it has left its customers impressed with their modern security systems, and able to operate them alone from now on. Of course, if any alterations or maintenance is necessary at a later date, we will as always be only a phone call away.

If you are looking for a biometric security system to suit your home or business, why not contact us today to discuss your requirements? Fingerprint-scanning safes start from as little as £150 and are perfect for providing that extra-secure touch, especially if you are the type prone to losing keys or forgetting codes. Biometric systems range small safes to full entry systems. Our team will work with you to cut through the jargon and explain all options so you can decide on the system that best works for you. Call us and start your innovative security overhaul today!