What are the pros and cons of keyless entry systems?

What are the pros and cons of keyless entry systems?

To think about a keyless entry system at home or at work does indeed feel like a step into the future. Not long ago home security at its height was a security camera, large and bulky, mounted at the door. These days, home security has been made sleek and streamlined. Cameras, electronic peepholes, imperceptible motion sensors and scanners or digital pads for keyless entry has become a daily occurrence.

Keyless entry solutionsBut before you opt for a digi lock or a facial recognition lock or perhaps an eye or hand scanning lock. There are a few things that are worth considering. After all there are also many benefits to the good old key systems. Not to forget when thinking about the pros and cons of a keyless entry system is the reliability and originality of a key. The lock security that exists today is very fine and anti pick locks and five lever mortice locks prove hard challenges to bypass even for experienced burglars.

Keyless systems come also with newness. Which is something that our skilled and trained technicians are apprehensive about. There are many factors about keyless systems, like smart home systems, code lock system or fingerprint access systems which simply have not been in play for long enough for us to know what the down sides are. Some systems provide battery backup in case of a power out, but by no means is this a standard feature. Some systems even fail in providing locksafe fallback. Meaning that some doors will simply unlock if there is a power out.

The same argument can of course be seen from a security point of perspective. And if there is a fire, there may be electronic problems which keep the door locked. A nightmare scenario may occur.

If you have a keyless system installed, ensure you do your research, speak to your industry professional and discuss and address all your issues and concerns. Feel free to call our specialists at any time.

Are keyless entry systems secure or just a gimmick?

There are several arguments which swing the discussion both ways to whether as keyless entry systems are just a novelty. Or if they are to be considered serious protectors of your home or business. In the present, there are several systems on the market that we would recommend and would call safe secure. However, as it’s new technology, and the long term effects and factors of such keyless technology is yet to be seen. It doesn’t come without risk to be an innovator in this field.

Today, the best security products and the highest value for money that you can get. Seen from a security point of view. Does not lie within the keyless and smart home security region. This is simply due to the technology costing more for what our experts would consider the same protection. And there is a good feeling in going with the tried and tested lock and key.

That said. Our team is happy to see the fast paced development forward and we are also excited to see what will happen next. We are always on the ball and can assist you with your smart home and keyless entry system installation at any time that will work well for you.

To find out of a keyless entry system is for you or your business. To investigate, and for a chance to speak to a security industry professional on the topic. Feel free to give us a call at any time. There are as many benefits as there are downfalls with new technologies such as these. However, we need the innovators who pave the way with bold decisions of the products they choose for their security. If you are one of them, get in touch with us now and have your new system installed and up and running as soon as today. Of course you can contact us for any other key, lock, alarm or security inquiry as well.