What padlock should I choose for my garden shed?

What padlock should I choose for my garden shed?

A great way to protect your garden tools when not in use. Or to keep your precious plants safe in your greenhouse. Especially during times when you are away. Make sure that you give some thought to the locks you choose for your outdoor structures.

Alarmed padlock for outdoor structuresThe first pick you’ll be faced with is between a padlock with a key. Or a lock which is opened with a code. There are positives and negatives to both choices. And the advice of our professionals is to go with the type, code, or key which suit your preferences. A code lock is not ideal for locks used rarely and a keyed lock is always at risk of a lost key. Either way. Whatever padlock you choose, make sure you pick a high quality high security lock from a known make.

Ask our team about shed and garden structure locks specifically to find out more. You can reach our friendly staff at any time for the help you need.

Another common choice, and with good reason, is to pick an alarmed padlock. This means the alarm will sound if the lock is tampered with or is struck by force. This type is considered more secure and less commonly attacked. It means raising your budget slightly. But for the security it provides and the additional deterring effect it provides. We see it a smart choice.

Outdoor lights will go a long way towards that deterrence as well. With good view and automatic lights in the dark corners of your garden and around your garden structures. Your risk of suffering theft is lessened. Our local and trained crew are happy to advise and install any security features you are after for your home. Feel free to call us any time which suits you.

Should I get CCTV for my garden?

The choice you make of padlock to protect your outdoor structures. Or which in any other way is exposed to the exterior world. Which may pass by the hands of someone with lockpicking skill. Should always be treated with extra care. Additional security may be needed where locks alone are not enough.

We spoke about outdoor lights and security cameras. What is important to remember with your outdoor areas. Is that often they are left unattended for long periods of time. At the present, with the technology boom there are only good reasons to invest in some security equipment. It’s affordable, and will help keep your outside structures in a good and highly secure way.

garden cctv and other outdoor security from lock and security specialistsWhere you position your security features such as light and cameras should be a choice made with strategy in mind. CCTV is known as one of the things which has an incredibly high deterring effect on the mind of a burglar. The thought or chance of exposure. Being caught in the act on camera. Make most intruders turn at the sight of an electronic eye.

To add to the deterring effect of the CCTV there can be a strategically placed motion sensor activated light. Which prompts the person to look in the direction of the light. In finding the light source. Instead into view a CCTV camera should pop in.

That’s just one option out of many to use technology in a good way. One that helps you keep your garden secure and your outdoor areas safe. If you ask our experts we feel that everyone should get CCTV for their garden. Proven as one of the most effective ways to protect your home. You simply can’t go wrong. Get in touch with our outdoor security specialists at any convenient time for you. In order to find out more and to get the quick quote for the security service you need now.