Quick and effective ways of upgrading your home security

Quick and effective ways of upgrading your home security

additional securityWhen approaching the topic of improving home security, people often don’t realise that it’s a lot easier and cheaper than you may think. While most locksmithing services now specialise in high-end security installations such as CCTV systems, additional security doesn’t have to be so high-tech or expensive to be effective.

Your front door should always have its security mechanisms adequately maintained. Whether you have a wooden, plastic or composite door, there are always ways you can attach additional security measures.

All doors are capable of having a security door chain attached. Many people mistakenly believe the only purpose of a door chain is to check on the identity of an individual outside your front door before you decide on whether or not to let them in. While this is a main purpose, it is far from the only one. In the event of someone attempting to enter your property, the presence of a securely bolted door chain can slow door, and in some cases even prevent, someone from entering your property. The additional hassle will create enough noise to alert yourself, a neighbour and eventually, the authorities. These are cheap and easy to install from a trusted professional.

Additionally, we also recommend specific action for your UPVC doors. While the internal locking mechanism is a sophisticated piece of equipment, it is often let down by the choice of euro cylinder that goes with it. Some of the cylinders in UPVC doors can be removed in under fifteen seconds by a criminal, which is why we only use British Standard anti-snap locks for any installation we complete. While these are slightly more expensive, they are still reasonably priced by our local team and a quick installation time means you won’t have to pay for any minutes we aren’t working on the job. Thus, passing the cost benefits on to you.

For wooden doors with mortise locks we like to recommend anti-thrust plates. These are effectively metal strips that go in the gap between the frame of your door and the door itself. They usually provide an effective cover over the mortise lock ensuring that no one can shove any tools or equipment down the side to try and gain entry.

For more information on these cost-effective methods of security your property and others, call one of our friendly lock engineers for a call today.

Extra security bolted-on to the original price

easy and cheapDespite the common misconception, the raison d’être of all our professionals is security. Whether it’s a commercial property, your home or whatever it is you may want to keep safe, our team is focused on protecting that item.

With rising crime rates and economic growth seemingly slowing down, people are needing to secure their property further, all whilst feeling a pinch on their disposable income. Thankfully for the people of our community, our local business is focused on ensuring everyone is able to improve their home security, no matter what their budget may be.

When people think of lcoksmithing services, they traditionally think of a lock and key. But when you go to bed at night, there are extra measures you can take to secure your property and we can help you with that! This is primarily done through bolting the door, with a keyless locking system.

Wooden doors to be sufficiently protected by mortise locks and Yale locks, but it doesn’t mean they’re not impenetrable. By adding bolt locks to the top and bottom of your door, you can ensure that should the worst happen and someone is able to get through your locking mechanisms, they will be unable to gain proper access due to your door being bolted into the wall. These have been proven to prevent crimes occurring and you can take it from our professionals who regularly tests a number of security products, trying to break through a bolted door is not easy!

A number of customers have rung us concerned about access through their patio doors. It is an unfortunate fact of life with patio doors that some criminals are capable of lifting the doors off the sliding rails and simply removing the door by hand. The best way to prevent this is to therefore install an anti-life patio door lock. Just like a bolt, these are keyless locking systems which prevent the door from being lifted out of the rails. In fact, the design of the lock means that if anyone attempted to lift the door from the outside, the locking mechanism fastens tighter preventing access.

Installing bolts are easy and fast ways of further securing your property for an inexpensive price.

Warm and friendly

Friendly and warmIt is our understanding that one should always listen to people when they speak to you, by paying attention the listener will learn more than he or she could imagine, not only about the subject at hand but about life. This is only one of the many small and joyous reasons that we have made it a priority to always be friendly and familiar with our customers.

Long term customer relationships suit both us, and seemingly our customers too as it promotes long term high security solutions which help build security for the individual, the neighbourhood and the community alike. So, although some less traditional companies promote home and work life separate, the great staff here with both traditional and modern values however see how it would be both impractical and robotic. For the skilled workmen and women at a respected business, investment, also on a personal level is engaged with. In other words, we care for you as an individual and our priority is to keep you safe and do what is best for you.

As part of our dedicated customer service approach we would also like to let you know that a fast 24 hour emergency lockout service is reached easily, and at all hours though the above number, just as you can call us at your own convenience and have a friendly conversation with a worker and professional about your security and your needs. Bringing you the relevant information in our speciality area is part and parcel of our passion, so don’t push forward that important conversation, especially since these chats are often great lessons as well as a convivial instance.