How we stay educated by testing the latest products

Keeping our team educated

 door handle with measurementsIt’s important that one can trust our guys to be an expert in the area. This is something that all the team have a deep understanding of, and this is also why we are always making sure we are up to date with our knowledge of the industry market. There is an influx of new products to this fast paced market place, and we are always sure to keep up to date with what is being released. This so we can review and integrate the latest and strongest products, from a security point of view, into our own local practice. If you come and speak with one of our friendly team, I’m sure it will not take you long to recognise our dedication, both to our professional pride as a top service provider as well as our dedication to our customers. We always ensure that our girls is up to date with installation procedures and practices of any good security products that our customers may be interested in. We provide everything from key cutting, and door lock changes, to more incorporating security systems like networked alarm systems. So if you want to make sure that you get the best on the industry market, speak to an expert, speak to one of our guys. We can help you with any questions you may have, and advice you on how to proceed in getting your security up to date and as safe as can be.

Only the latest products

With a saturated security marketplace, it’s important that your local business has a key understanding of which products are suitable for which properties. While increased competition in the market between household brands and those only known to those in the industry has led to greater innovation at more competitive prices, it has also meant more choice in an industry in which the layman has very little common knowledge. Furthermore, professionals now offer a wider range of services than ever before. This means that gone the days of us focusing solely on traditional jobs such as mortise lock installations or UPVC-door mechanism repairs. Now our highly-trained lock specialists also operate in installing high-tech security systems such as alarms and CCTV. With such a wide-range of options available for improving the security of domestic and commercial properties alike, it’s no wonder people do not know where to start.

Thankfully for the people of our community and the surrounding areas, we have a team of highly-trained experts that are regularly testing new products that enter the market. This means that when you need a recommendation for how to improve the security of your property, our guys shall be able to provide you with appropriate and relevant advice, as well as providing you with a comparable list of options for you to choose from. Furthermore, all our professionals have years of experience of operating in Leeds. This means that we can streamline our services and products for the particular neighbourhood in which you live. For instance, areas with higher crime rates need products that offer not only high-security, but clear deterrents to any would-be intruders. It’s this innovative approach to security solutions that we think will have you in agreement with us that we go above and beyond expectations of a local fixer.

Comprehensive security inspections

If you have any concerns at all with regards to the security of your property, or if you are just wanting to make sure you up to speed with things on the security side. Give us a call, or come visit us. This is the field in which we operate in, and have done so for many years. We can come and complete a comprehensive security sweep of your property. It can be a house and a home or maybe a place of business. For us the size of the property does not matter, on top of that we can do so at a time which is convenient to you, making sure things are always handled in swift and efficient manner. Once completed one of our highly trained and professionals will be able to go through what has been found in this inspection with you, provide you with advice in the areas which could use extra attention, we can also advice you on full solutions suited to your specific situation and budget. When it comes to both the quality of the products we provide together with the experience and experience which allow us to advice on each individual security solution, nothing but the highest and best quality is acceptable here. With our friendly and committed team, you can be sure to find both understanding to your situation as well as your individual security needs. We can help provide you with the security you need for your property as well as the peace of mind you get when you know that all bases are covered.

Caring for our customers

Caring for our customersWhen it comes to customer service, of course the team only operate under the highest standards. We always make sure we listen and understand the individual needs of each customer that walks though the door, or contacts us on via phone, in order to provide the best advice possible for their individual situation. With the years of experience we hold, not only in our specialised industry and our special trade, but when it comes to listening and communicating with our customers we have learnt the importance of a reliable and friendly service. We see ourselves as part of the local community as much as our customers are, and take much pride in being able to say that we still provide a quality service at a cheap price, today, when the traditional tradesmen are more and more uncommon. So if you need help or advice on anything with regards to locks and security, the only number you need is ours. Give us a call, or why not come visit us in our branch. One of our friendly staff will greet you with shared enthusiasm and dedication to help you with anything that you may need. We take great pride in being able to provide the highest level of service and care for our customers.