What we Do

24/7 Unlocking – doors, safes etc

Most of our work comes from providing access to people who are unable to gain access to their property and need an emergency locksmith near me. The main reason is that people forget their keys in the building or lose their keys. Another main cause is when the key snapped off in the lock.

We provide a 24 hour service to open any type of lock and key for domestic, business or commercial premises. In fact we can open any type of lock where access is concerned.

Security inspections

 alarmWhen it comes to the security of your property, knowledge is power. We offer a comprehensive security inspection which will assess every entry point to your property and its outbuildings to ensure that doors and windows are secured and that there is nothing easily to hand in outbuildings that would aid any potential intruders.

All Hours

A security inspection by one of our professionals will take a minimum of an hour for the average three-bedroomed semi-detached house. We of course offers these inspections for commercial properties too. Following an inspection, the professional team member will explain his findings to you and together you will decide on what is the best course to take. If you would like us to remedy any security issues for your doors, windows, security gates, safes and systems, we will be able to schedule the work to take place quickly and efficiently. Why not give the team a call today to arrange taking the first step to a better-protected property?

Customised security with our trusted team

customised security The human mind is one of innovation and ideas, that is something that we in the security industry see very clearly. One example is the many highly technological feats which have taken steps into the lines of mass production, meaning that things like good security systems are now available, and affordable to the average homeowner. The curious team here are always on the lookout for what is new on the market, and when we spot something which can be useful to our customers we ensure that we incorporate it fully into our range of services.

For the hard working team here, this means also getting to know the product in detail as well as undergoing the training needed to be able to perform high precision guaranteed installations of it. Worries over your security at home or at work is an ailment best resolved by speaking to a specialist, and by calling the faithful service team, you will have the knowledge and experience you need at hand.

It doesn’t matter if you are just after brushing up on some of your security features at home, if you are after a full new installation of a high tech alarm and monitoring system or if you are simply looking to have your locks change or repaired. You can call on our trained service to assist you, and rely on us to be fast, friend and affordable. Speak to us today with regards to your thoughts and needs, here you will always find an educated and listening ear for all your security inquiries.

Great emergency professionals at your service any time

 ready for your emergency at all timesWith availability as a prime factor of what to us make up a great service we spend much time and energy ensuring that we are always ready. After all, a service which is not available when you are in the biggest need of it is no good, and we understand that. Calling this crew when you are stuck in, out or in between for quick assistance will provide you with exactly what you need to help you get out of your situation. We understand, that even though at times we do everything in our power to prevent a disaster, things like this happen, and being ready is something that we are happy to be for our customers.

Readiness doesn’t only mean having the phones manned 24 hours every day of the year, but it also means that the vehicles are there, ready and waiting, as is those of our team on duty. If you are faced with one of the most common causes for a lockout, then we can guarantee you a fast and simple solution. Should your keys be on the opposite side to you behind the door that clicked shut behind you, if the image of your keys on the table at your mother’s house in a different city stick with you, or if you plainly have no idea of what has happened, or where your keys are.

The team are here directly, and with the products and tools provide a resolution to your issue. On the spot lock replacements, gentle means of entry, as to leave your lock usable should the case be that you know where your keys are, and a friendly understanding security provider are just a few reasons why you should choose our number when stuck. Of course you can call at any time for quotes and to book in for any of the other services we provide.

Local Locksmiths Mean Business

Here at locksmith near me we concentrate on providing the best service we can possibly provide to the people of  Leeds and the surrounding area with 24/7 365 day locksmith support if and when they need it this means at your business or at your home you’re covered by us and all you need to do is give us a phone call for one of our specialist locksmiths to be on their way to you in a flash no messing and no waiting about, whether you’re in an emergency or you’re just after a locksmith at a set time that other locksmiths might be closed at.

Local locksmiths want you to remain as calm and as composed as possible while we guide you through the steps to a suitble and competitively priced solution to any locksmith troubles you may have which means any of the services you see advertised here and more. Our locksmiths deal with all sorts of locks and doors and are sure to be able to get you through any tight locksmith jam that you may be experiencing. Call today! Reliable locksmiths have got your back.

Repairs, replacements, emergency assistance and much more

Your friendly and up to date professional advisors at your serviceFor the help you require, no matter when you need it, from a caring and loving team who always puts the customer first, call the contact number found on our contact page now. With this number you can also get the quotations you are after as well as ask any questions that you may have. It’s easy to get in touch with this always available and highly professionalteam, all you need to do is make sure that you know what contact number you file us under in your phone book. One call to resolve your emergency issues, repair and replace the security in place at your residence or workplace, or to have the great new security installation that you’ve been needing for a while done.

There’s nothing that the team here will not consider when it comes to security features and installations, and your choice is always the one we follow if possible. Custom made security solutions and affordable security system installations are all available as soon as today if you have the time, call our team now to find out more about the services we provide, get your highly competitive quote and ask your questions to a lovely team member who will do his or her best to see to your every security, key and lock need. Call now or save our number for later, either way you will be glad that you chose to call a trusted and respected service, so much so that you may not need another service number in the near and far future.

A service who cares for you

your caring service call todayWith the lovely team here you will be able to find a wide array of services which will suit most, if not all your needs.

And amongst all of the services and products that we provide you will also find a genuine and honest care for you. A care which we hope shines though in how we approach our customer relationships.

Getting in touch with our team will always guarantee you a friendly welcoming, with understanding to your needs in stressful situations where urgent lockout assistance is required, and flexibility in arranging times for work to be done you will struggle to find a more flexible and accommodating team.

Should there be anything that you wonder about, of course our helpful team are always happy to help. Your call with your questions is something that we look forward to, and are well prepared for, with past and current training and practice opportunities continuously utilised. Coming to a trusted specialist, no matter what your key, lock and security needs are, will always guarantee you the highest quality of service and care.

Why not try for yourself, call us at any time and speak to an expert in the field today. Let a guide with security experience carry you down a more secure path at home or at work.

Lock installations, quick, easy and secure with our service

the highest level of dedication golden pad lockWhat we often do is encounter people who are in search of improving their security at home, and of course it’s not easy for someone without experience in the area to know what is required. In many cases one does not get in touch to get the lock on the door changed unless it’s broken.

However, what our technicians would like to bring to your attention, is the fact that you may be at risk at this very moment. Holding off on something as vital as getting your door locks checked and upgraded if needed is something which may in the worst case scenario prove a disaster.

Speaking to us is the first step to ensure that your locks are of the right calibre, to keep your as best protected from the common threats of today. And if you don’t have a dead bolt installed on your front and back doors it may be a good time to give that idea some thought now. We have changed enough locks broken by a burglar or intruder to know that there is ample need to get protected. If you get in touch, a check and change can be performed fast, and at a near time suiting to your schedule. Of course it does not eliminate threat completely, but acts as the main and most important factor of your home security solution.

A full survey of your home or business area is also something that can be conducted by a professional who’s up to date and how knows what to look for when conduction a risk assessment of the area. There is no reason to push something which is affordable, quick and easy, and in effect puts you in a much more secure position at home or at work.

Lock checks by skilled individuals

 helping you check your locksEnsuring that your home is a safe place for your family and a secure place to keep your valued belongings is perhaps one of the most naturally important things in anyone’s life. And if you are giving some extra thoughts, due to recent news, to your home security you may be a bit overwhelmed as of where to start. What our expert helpers would say, is at the locks. By ensuring your locks on your windows and doors are up to standard you have come a long way in the direction of an ideal home security situation. Our team are experts at anything locks, and if you wish to book in for a lock check performed by a trained professional, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Replacements of locks can be done rapidly, and many affordable and up to standard locks are in stock ready for installation. A bad lock can be bypassed in a matter of a couple of minutes by those who know how, so ensuring that your locks are of a kind which can withstand attack in a much more proficient way is a given for the team here. Not only will an up to date lock provide physical protection, but it will also have a deterring factor on any potential burglar looking for an easy target.
If you have any questions or would like assistance with ensuring that your locks at home are as they should be, get in touch with our experts today. You can call at any time, this also of course applicable if you are in urgent need of help in a lockout scenario.

Business security bars, gates, safes and more with our experts

 helping you with shutters and moreIf you are an up and coming business in current development you may in your success have had thoughts on your security. Especially if you are keeping stock, cash and if you have an insurance policy to cover you against disaster which requires up to date security means in place to be valid.

If you get in touch with the experienced team you will be able to find solutions for your business security situation which are not only in line with any policies with insurance companies that you have, but also within the scope of your reasonable budget, as well as of course providing the highest quality of physical protection available on the market today.

Our team of caring individuals fully understands the stresses that running a business involves, and we are simply here to help ensure that theft is not a disaster which has to be on your list of concerns. Being able to leave the security of your work building in the hands of someone with experience and knowledge in the field, someone who is up to date with current industry news and who will always make sure that you get what is the best current protection that suits you, is hopefully something which will allow you to sleep better at night.

Knowing that all your hard work and effort is both physically and financially more secure. Speak to a business security expert today, and find out just how easy and affordable a great security situation is for you and your business today.

A helper who gives you an ear, understanding and only the best services

we listen and understand youFinding a service who cares for you can be difficult in this day and age, marked by stress, busyness and time pressures. This is why our team keeps everything under one roof, to ensure that you don’t have to look any further. What the team here has learned though many years of dedicated and caring service, is that there is no replacement in providing the highest level of security solution to attentiveness.

That is why here, our installers give you full attention no matter what job is at hand. Listening to you with open and understanding ears, will provide all the information required to create as ideal a security scenario for you as possible. A great security situation is not something that builds itself, and on top of that it is a task that our crew takes on knowing just how individual each property and each person is. Meaning that the suggestions and solutions that we suggest and provide are ones that are custom made, individually fit to each customer and of course form the practical and financial side of thing viable and affordable.

Coming to our service for what you need is a choice you will not regret, here the long lasting services and guarantees and the great jobs performed to each individual with something in need of protection is surpassed only by the friendliness and helpfulness of the team which provides it. A team who cares and listens to you can be found here, so why not get in touch today and see for yourself.

Perfectly cut Keys

 precision key cutting serviceHere the team are believers in high quality no matter what type of service it is that you are after. This is why to us, great knowledge of each area of our services is of the highest priority, and our assistants are always training to ensure that we can provide you with the highest standards of service and skills. If you add to that how we never compromise quality, aim for competitive pricing and ensure that all of our products are to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that if you come to us, you will only get the best. We put you first, no matter what you need.

If you are needing to get new keys cut, to use a spares, or to be used in your day to day life, you can always trust in the keys cut by our skilled and dedicated team. We have great understanding of just how important it is to have great keys, and an enjoyable and pleasurable key turn every time. Keys cut by us will not only give you the highest standard in materials to ensure that you go home with long lasting, durable, precision cut keys but also the assurance that your key will work first time, and every time.

Should you be wondering about anything with regards to your keys, or if you are in need of any of the other reliable services which you can locate here, feel free to get in touch at your own closes convenience. We are flexible and accommodate for your busy schedule with pleasure, so feel free to call today!

Finding one service to provide for all your needs

home security checks
Finding the service you need, at the price which suits you in the area you live may be a hard task at best, especially in times of urgent need. If you have been engaged with this pursuit in the past, you may have a good understanding of this. This is why a service who cares are here to inform you of a service which is not only competitive in price, but quick, convenient and always ready when you need it the most.

Flexibility is important, and being able to fit appointments around a busy city life is something that this team has the greatest understanding of. Having provided excellent services to many happy and recommending customers is something which is a feat any service would be proud of. The reason that such great quality of service and products can be found in the minds of such a busy location, is simply as traditional values and genuine care and dedication to workmanship still lives with this team. Continuous hard work, and great communication with customers have lead to long lasting customer relationships which are simply based on the merit of work performed and dedication displayed. If you don’t believe it is possible, have a chat with our previous customers, or get in touch and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team members today. With this service, one number is really all you need to cover what you need.
High quality, quick, flexible, competitive in price, dedicated and professional team, are a just a few of the factors that make up this wonderful service. If you go with our crew, you will not regret it.

Regular lock and security checks from our crew

 indoors lockFor a service and a team which you can trust, get in touch with a highly recommended service in your area. By speaking to experts you will be able to perform simple lock checks at home or at work which will help you keep up to date with security standards. Meaning that the protection you need to battle current threats will always be in place. For extra insurance you can of course also book in with a professional expert who will help walk through you home or your business area and ensure that the most vital points of your security is checked. For every property, the key feature the security is in the locks. Many known methods of breaking in are performed in a quick manner by those who knows what they are doing, making what locks you have on your doors and windows a feature which can be the difference between smooth running and disaster.

Our team understands just how important it is to keep yourself, your family and your investment safe. A good security solution in place will not act as a deterrence and provide you with physical protection against crime, but also leave your min in a calmer state to deal with all the challenges which life has to offer. For a lock check, security inspection or just to speak to a security expert, get in touch today. This way you can make sure that you have done what you can to keep yourself secure and minimise the risk of a catastrophic scenario. Booking in is easy, and the security check itself does not take much longer than the time it takes to walk though your building and premises, however it can prove an invaluable decision made, saving you time and money in the long run.

A service providing for all your requirements

F lock installationor the team here one of the primary objectives is to be able to provide you with a full and round service, ensuring your convenience, comfort and of course above all, your security and safety. For day to day needs speak with our friendly team today, and enjoy the benefit of quick, efficient and professional service from a team always caring and listening to you. For key cutting, lock repairs, lock installation, window lock installations and whatever else you can think of, quality is guaranteed here. Our crew aim to provide for all your security and lock needs, both at home and at work. If you get in touch you can find out more about the many services available here, and with many affordable products of the highest calibre in stock, you can have your security upgrade installed today.

If you have a custom made lock on your door, or a specially made security system at home which needs repair or replacement, you can also get in touch with our service. Most services are readily available, but of course if there is anything which we cannot resolve for you straight away you will be sure to have found direction of where you need to go.

A service which you can trust in all situations is of course available all hours of the day for emergency lock out situations as well, and if you land in the unfortunate situation of not having access to your own home or business premises you can reach us at any time. Quick access when you need it the most is always available here.

Individual security solutions from our service

 individual solutionsThere ways of home intrusion and theft are diversifying and multiplying, and in a similar fashion so must the defences that we keep against such matters. This is why our service have made it priority to always ensure that we keep with the continuously developing industry market. Here new ways of protection against new ways of intrusion are developed, and the main goal is to always stay one step ahead. Your team is dedicated to your security, and in order to ensure that security is something affordable and available to all we always make sure that we keep an eye out for good deals, as well as provide protection for our customers which is applicable to their security needs and the risk that they face. All homes and all business premises are in different areas and used in different ways by different people, so the need for a highly individualised and custom made security solution for each situation is important. This way, our team can provide you with affordable, applicable and easy to use security, helping you to a more secure future for your home, your family and your finances.

Keeping secure has become more and more important, and if you are unsure of how to best keep your own, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice and services. We can help you on your way to find the products and services needed at your property, as well as help you with installation to have it up and running as soon as possible. So why not ease your mind of worry, and get in touch with your home and business security expert today, this way you leave your security in the hands of an experienced professional who is educated, and informed in the world of security and the products currently available. Feel free to get in touch today with any and all of your questions and requirements.

Home security advice from our trusted team

 home keyFor a full and rounded service, why not ensure that you come to the best service provider around for advice. The security of your home, your loved ones and the things that you care for the most, those things which money simply cannot replace, is something that we’ve been helping people find good ways to practice for countless number of years. Getting in touch with us, you’ll speak and get advice from a highly trained and dedicated individual, with the experience and the insight to the industry and current risks. Coming to us, you will not be disappointed. Our team can assist you though surveying your premises, speaking and discussing with you your daily routines and your preferences and going through your most attractive options in detail.

This way you will be sure to find just the right type of security solution to suit you and your situation. It’s easy, all you have to do is get in touch with our service today, a consultation only takes a few minutes, and you can book in for a security survey quick and easy should you be in need of one. Feel free to get in touch with our team today.

Competitive prices, great service, and a full system which will keep you and your family secure when you are there, and keep your home and belongings safe when you spend time away.

Your caring security provider

 secure homeWhen it comes to the question of home security, especially if you are new to the topic, it may be a good idea to ensure that you speak to an expert in the area. Someone who knows what is out there, both on the security industry market, as well as what type of threats the common home owner faces in todays climate. If you get in touch with our service you will be sure to speak to someone who cares for your security and who can help you find the ideal security solution for you.

With plenty of experience with home security, you will struggle to find a service who will be able to give you more accurate and applicable advice. This is simply due to the fact that we care for our customers and would always do our utmost to ensure that you have what is required currently to keep you as safe and sound in your home as possible. Of course the caring team keeps all aspects in mind, this includes things like budget, your day to day security practices and much more, and in having helped a countless number of people in the UK to a better security situation for themselves. We are confident that we can do the same for you.

We also welcome any questions that you may have, and if you get in touch, you’ll get the highest level of standard both when it comes to products and service, and topping that you will also benefit the competitive prices we ensure to keep as part of our long lasting care service. So feel free to get in touch with your questions, requirements and needs today.

Window locks with a lock expert

 window locksMaking sure that the locks on your doors are up to date is something that many are on the ball with, however something that a security provider who has seen many different security scenarios has noticed, is that there often is a lack of attention given to the security around windows. And windows are often left with insufficient security means for what they are protecting, and in relation to what kind of security and locks are provided for the doors.

If you are unsure, or have concerns with regards to your window locks, regardless if it’s at home or for an office or shop environment, please feel free to get in touch to reach a provider who knows about window locks. Here you will find help and advice on what type of upgrades and products that may be good for you, and with priority on being a provider of the highest quality products. You can also relax, and rest assured that the highest quality of products, by known and trusted brands in the lock industry will be provided. Of course here you can find exactly the help you need, if you are just requiring installation and you already know what you would like. A trained window lock installer who is quick and precise in installation keeping prices down is what you can find here.

So get in touch with a provider who cares for customers, also making sure that factors as usability and budget are always kept in mind, meaning simply that making sure that your window locks are secure, and up to date with current security standards is not something that has to cost an arm and a leg, but something that is affordable and very much worth doing.

Security survey, advice and installation, all from one dedicated service

 silver keys locks securityHave you ever had any thoughts on your home security, or perhaps you own a small business which may be in need of a security survey to ensure that the premises is as safe as it needs to be. The way this service sees it, there are many small businesses and many UK homes that today are left without proper protection, and seeing that , the protection required to lower risk greatly is not a big effort or a big cost. There are really no good reasons to let something so important wait.

Should you book in for a security survey, performed by a trained and experienced team, you can expect to find the things in your security situation which are currently causing you the greatest risks and how you can best protect these areas. Above that, the team is flexible and always highly respecting of your time. Meaning that a security survey can be booked for a time which is convenient to you, regardless of how your day to day schedule looks we work to your convenience and fit work in at times suited to you.

So should you have any questions, or any concerns at all with regards to your security situation, why not speak to someone with experience in the field, in the industry and in practicality. It doesn’t matter if you are a private home owner wanting to ensure that your family is safe and secure, or if you are looking to get your business security up to date, and up to the standards required. So get your advice from a service who knows security, anything from central lock systems, code locks, security bars, alarm systems and monitoring systems is in the range of things that we can help you with, so feel free to get in touch today!

Tailored security solutions from your expert

 personalised home security solutionsEach area is different, just like each house and each individual. This means that in order to be able to provide the best security solution for your property you need be aware of all of these factors. Something that the team here is highly experienced with is just that variety in circumstances and surrounding areas. This is why if you speak to one of the friendly team here, or better yet, let our team come and survey your area, you will find the most suiting security just for you. With the highest understanding of the need for tailored security solutions you will not find a service, or a team which is more dedicated to your needs. From a theoretical point of view it is easy to find the right security equipment, however what a service who understands the user perspective in the day to day lives of people, never forgets, is just that most important factor which is you.

Creating security solutions which are right for the property and right for the individuals who live there, as well as keeping within an affordable budget, yet never compromising on quality of products or services is what our team are experts at. Having helped a wide variety of individuals with security installations which suit their needs and their budget has earned us great reputation. Which is the reason that our home security services come warmly recommended. We firmly believe that adequate security is something which is for everyone, and it is our aims to help your security situation no matter what it is at a price which is competitive and affordable to you. This service sees no reason for hold ups, get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

Quick and Easy with a home alarm installer

 quality serviceIf you are wondering if you should get a home security alarm system installed, why not ask the advice of someone who has expertise with it? So if you need to get a hold of a home security installer, who can help you all the way, please feel free to get in touch at any time.

If you have yet to think about a home security system, any good security provider would suggest now as a good time to do so. This due to the know fact that many UK homes today are unprotected against common threat and are at greater risk of home intrusion. There is no need for immediate panic, however there is need for concern, and making sure that your home, and the people who live there are as safe and sound as can be is something that is an obvious priority for any home owner.

Of course a good provider also understands the confusion that can occur should one have a look at the current industry market, as it’s flooded with different types of home security solutions. This is why if you get in touch with a dedicated provider who has much experience in the industry and in practice, you will always be sure that you find the best and most applicable security solution for your property. Here you will be able to find help from start to finish, and guidance and advice on what is most suiting to you is something that we will help with, and we do so with pleasure.

Commercial security from our professionals

The people in the City are fully aware of the importance of protecting their domestic property. This is the place we come home to relax and rest, where we keep our valuables and items of sentimental value, and where we are meant to feel safe. Most calls to us concern domestic properties. They concern diligent customers asking us to come and provide security surveys, to highlight any weaknesses in security at the property and particularly, where certain entry points may be vulnerable to unwanted visitors. They also concern replacing worn out or broken locking mechanisms –  as sensible approach. All our lock technicians come with years of experience and access to the very latest tools and equipment making these jobs simple and quick to remedy. All our workers are always happy to provide further advice on how to secure your property. With years of experience working across the city, all our highly trained workers can provide relevant advice for common and complex problems that regularly afflict properties in your neighbourhood.

Our local team also understands the importance of protecting local businesses. Commercial security is far more diverse than its domestic counterpart as it incorporates warehouses, high-street shops and office blocks to name but a few. This means there are a wider range of threats, which all need appropriate responses to be delivered by professionals.

All of our lock engineers are highly-trained with the necessary expertise and skills to tackle any problems facing warehouses and high-street shops; whether that means assisting you in installing safety grilles and gates or ensuring your warehouse is properly secured with a padlock. However, our trade is not simply limited to installations. In fact, the majority of our work consists of repair and replacement work and you can be sure that you’ll be receiving only the best products should we need to replace any of the security on your commercial property. Shops on the high-street can have security measures very similar to those on domestic properties. Therefore, our professionals can complete such jobs quickly and efficiently ensuring that your mortise or Yale lock repair and replacement is carried out to the highest-standard.

Most shops on the high street also have an additional layer of security: shutters. Whether these are electronic are hand-operated does not matter. All our experts have the requisite training to repair any shutter system meaning you can be sure your property will be professionally secured within a matter of hours.

For office buildings we can provide security updates and maintenance, as well as restoring access in the event of lost keys or forgotten codes. We are also able to install CCTV security systems and other high-tech security systems which can be used to protect your property from unwelcome visitors. Upon installation we can also deliver training to members of your staff so that in the event of an emergency, your staff know what steps to take. We’re open 24/7 so no matter when trouble strikes, our emergency service will always have a friendly lock technician available to take your call and remedy any problem you may be facing.

A security provider caring for customers

24/7 availabilityMaking sure that our level of customer care is of the highest standards, not only making sure that we are always there and available for our customers when they need us, though our 24 hour available emergency lockout telephone line. But also making sure that we treat each customer and each job as if we were dealing with our own safety and security is something that a provider who cares for their customers places the greatest priority on.

So, rest assured should you ever need an emergency provider, you can always reach our friendly team who is equipped with the knowledge and the tools to help you with whatever situation that you may have. Regardless if it’s a case of having lost access to one’s own premises, or if it’s that you are stuck at a venue or at home due to not being able to lock a malfunctioning door or window lock we can help.

On top of that, for a provider who wants to be able to provide their customers will a wide range of service, promoting long customer relations and a lasting trust, we always make sure that our customers go away happy and satisfied with the work they have had done.

If you have any questions with regards to your own home security, or perhaps you are responsible for the security at the office, please feel free to get in touch with us, and let a security provider help you find the best individual security solution which is suitable and applicable to your specific security requirements and budget. So please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a provider whom is dedicated to your security, convenience and care.

Emergency property

Locking yourself out of your home or business cuasing much frustration and delay. You will want to know that the service you call will be with you fast. Our team responds to many emergency call-outs within half an hour, so you are not left standing in the rain. We have the technology to deal with 90% of lockouts without damaging your property in any way. Where locks do need to be replaced this can be dealt with straight away, because our vans carry so much equipment and materials on board. Contact www.locksmiths-of-leeds.co.uk today have your emergency solved by a team of experts.

Technology new and old

 gold locksWe understand the importance of moving with the times. As intruders become more savvy, the security industry must constantly work to out manoeuvre them. We keep an expert team of staff fully trained so that if a new security product comes on the market, our people will know how to install it. We have just moved into the area of retina scanning, seen by many as the ultimate in security for businesses such as banks and for the storage of sensitive documents.

Latest Technology

We supply and fit fingerprint safes for many customers. Rather than remembering a code or where you have stored a key, what better way to ensure security than keeping the ‘key’ on you at all times? We work with all types of surveillance equipment and modern security technology. Call today to see what we can do for you.

Effective deterrents

The power of deterrents such as CCTV should not be underestimated. Visible security cameras at your commercial or industrial premises will alert potential intruders to how seriously you take the security of your business and therefore what sort of security systems you are likely to have inside. What’s more, the risk of behaviour being captured on camera deters potential criminals. At the same time, CCTV gives you the chance to monitor your premises’ security in real time. We can work with you to decide on the CCTV system that works best for your building so that no vulnerable area is left without surveillance.

A testament to the proactive approach taken here, is that we make use of one of the latest and most innovative security measurements taken, retina scanning. It sounds like something from an action film, however we make use of this technology which is considered to be at the forefront of security for businesses, and is used by many banks and other high stake companies. Other areas of security and innovation where we make use of the latest technologies, and the most secure and practical methods of identification is in the use of fingerprint identification. Using the uniqueness of an individual persons fingerprint to open the safe containing maybe your family heirlooms is both highly secure and seeing things from the more practical view of the individual. Our team does not only want to make sure your belongings are safe, and accessible only by you, but also that it’s done in a convenient and practical way. In this there is no risk of losing keys, remembering codes, or dealing with difficult and complicated mechanisms to unlock your safe. We also with all types of integrated systems of surveillance and many other types of equipment and technology, get in touch with us to find the best solution for you.

The team with the keys!

keysWhen you need help in a hurry then we’re

the place to call. We can often be with you in less than 30 minutes and we can provide an accurate time of arrival once we

have your exact postcode. Massive range of keys stocked. As we are positioned to access most of the area quickly

so you don’t have to wait – the only think holding me up is the traffic! If it’s late at night we can often be with you even more

quickly and as soon as we have your exact location we will be on our way to your address to ensure that you can gain

access fast to whatever lock needs opening.

Need to fit Anti-Snap Locks?

If you’re one of the millions of people who require anti-snap locks to replace your inadequate cylinder locks then our team are only too happy to help. We can ensure that you don’t become the next victim of crime and fit the industry leading anti-snap locks with no fuss and the best prices. Call us today for a friendly anti-snap quote and secure your property today. We can arrange a time to suit you. If you’d like more information about the deficiencies in so many of these locks found then visit this short video for a full understanding. We keep updated with all developments in the security world and we ensure we always stay at the forefront of the industry. Don’t become a victim of crime – get your anti-snap locks in good time!

Top Security

Trusted professionals. We also offer a range of security services; lock work and security work goes hand in hand. Having one

provider fitting your external door and window locks as well as roll shutters and security gates means that we can

assess the security of your property as a whole and provide the best-informed advice. The prices quoted by us.

this combined service are highly competitive. Contact us now to join our list of satisfied customers. If you need locks installed then we are happy

to provide a free quote over the telephone if you are able to describe the nature of the job sufficiently or for larger jobs we

can visit your property and make a free quote of the work. As experienced lock experts we can provide accurate quotes to help

you budget for your project. We can deal with all types of locks including mortice locks and UPVC systems. We can

also advise on the best products and obtain the best quality systems and parts if necessary. With our extensive

knowledge of the security market we are able to provide you with expert knowledge to ensure you have the most up to date equipment

in place fitted to the highest standards.

Emergency Entry

keep safe and secureWhen you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your home, you

will want professional fast. The reassuring presence of a skilled technician will be with you within an hour of

your call, finding an effective access solution. Always attempting non-damaging methods of entry first; we respect

your property. If you need a key extracted, a lock replaced or even a new key cut, we are the people to contact in the event of an emergency. Much of our work comes from people who have lost keys or snapped the key in the barrel rendering the lock

inaccessible. We are familiar with all locks and the most common locks can be opened in the shortest amount of time. We have not

encountered a situation where we were not able to gain access for our customers and the vast majority of our work does not require

any damage to be caused to the lock or door by our team.

Our Experts Know How

We always arrived prepared, with all the equipment needed so we don’t have to leave

your side until the task is complete.

You can place your trust in those whose staff provide an effective solution to your urgent

locking problem, whatever time of the day or night. Whether it’s rush hour on a Monday morning on 3am at the weekend, we keep prices down.

When you call we can give an accurate quote for the job so you know exactly how much

you will need to pay. In fact, we are confident that we can achieve the same standard of quality work as any other and encourage you to call us after receiving a quote from any other reputable locksmithing service so that we can try to save you money.

It is also important to make sure that you are choosing a high quality reputable service so

that you receive the service you deserve. less skilled tradesmen might not be able to access locks without resorting to damaging

the lock and then charging you to replace parts that would not have been necessary with more skilled professionals.

Serving LS and Surrounding Areas

 CCTVLook no further. Our dedicated

team of highly skilled professionals are happy to work with any security issue a client may have, ranging from basic key cutting

and replacement services to repairing all UPVC doors and windows to make them work like new again. Our team is well-known

for its work in the city, and our emergency call-out service has saved many a local resident over the years. If you aren’t already

aware of us, check the rest of the website to find out what we can do for you. We can advise on any lock, key,

security or installation and can provide competitive quotes on any job. The quality of our work is always extremely high and we

can finish all work to a very high standard and specification. The quality of our work on installations is a

matter of pride and we always go the extra mile to ensure the perfect finish. We want our work to stand the test of time and are

proud of the work we do. By having this approach to our work and the experience of fitting thousands of locks you

can be sure of great workmanship.

 Top Class Services

cheapWe are proud to cater for a variety of lock and security needs. From basic residential lock changes to entire

commercial and industrial refits; our staff team is ready for any locksmithing work needing doing. Unlocking, security, lock barrels,

snapped keys and more. Every staff member is trained across the board, with specialist skills being passed on all

the time by our most experienced workers. The large cache of tools we work with are the latest industrial standard sets, and we

stock all available brands of UK locks and keys. If you are unsure about what service you require, we are more than

happy to see you at our address to talk through what might be a solution. We strive to be the best security company in the business. To achieve this we

go above and beyond with the variety of services we offer.

Quick and Affordable assistance

Our team provide a speedy and reliable service to the whole city and the surrounding area. Our professionals deals with

all types of lock and security tasks. Our emergency service and other standard lock tasks such as lock changing and burglary

repair are our staple services. However, our service offers so much more, with our team trained to install a wide

range of security and surveillance systems. Our team takes pride in providing a rapid response to emergency call-outs. We employ a

large team of professionals so that whatever security job you need doing. We can make arrangements at short notice.

Get in touch with us today to secure your property and peace of mind.

 Commercial and Domestic


We cater for all types of clients: residential, commercial and industrial. Whatever you are looking for, whether

it be locks changed on your external UPVC doors or aluminium windows. The fitting of roll-shutters to the front of your shop or

bank-standard safes and vaults. You will find that we can provide what you need and more. Security inspections can

be arranged by us so that you are aware of and can address the security vulnerabilities to protect against intruders

and meet insurance company standards. Whatever your security issue, it will be met quickly and discreetly, with all the

professionalism and reassurance you would expect we draw on our years of experience to provide a top-rate

service tailored to the unique needs of each client.

When Purchasing Locks.

Make sure the lock is from a trusted manufacturer such as Yale or Banham. A cheap 5 lever Mortise

will not offer you the same level of security as a quality brand. After a break-in our services may be needed as more

damage than you think can have been done to your door and with most local locksmithing services offering free quotes, it doesn’t hurt to give

them a call. Your home or business properties security should come first.

How to change a mortice dead lock.

  1. Remove the screws from the part of the lock that is on the inside of the door.
  2. Pull the in and outside pieces out from either side of the door.
  3. measure the distances on the door and chisel or drill until the lock fits.
  4. install new lock as displayed on packaging.

 Good Reputation

Your security comes first. This means excellent workmanship using quality materials, fast response times when you

need us most, and superb customer service. These elements combine to make us quite simply the best service in the area. Our prices

remain competitive due to the efficient working methods of our professional team. We are is proud of the first-class

reputation we have built up over the 20 years we have been in business. Much of our work is received through recommendation from previous clients. Call today and join our list of secure and satisfied customers.

Security awareness and tips for everyone

 home security for everyoneFor a dedicated security provider, there is nothing more important than the customer. Here we understand that every person and every home is different, and with it, also the security needs of each property will shift. Of course this is something that we are very aware of and when it comes to the security solutions we provide for people in their homes are always adaptive and suitable to the scenario at hand. However, there are some things which any provider would agree as good security, and applicable to anyone, no matter if you are a private customer, a small business customer or someone who is responsible for security measures in a bigger company. These things you will be able to find here, as we provide regular updates with security tips and tricks, many of which are free or come with a very low investment for a high gain in security at the premises. So if you would like to make sure that you are doing what you can for your home or office security, please keep tuned in, and check our regular tips, and if you would like more advice from a provider, or would like to book in for one of our security surveys please feel free to get in touch to do so at your closest convenience.

Defensive Greenery for your Garden

 defensive plantWith the shovel in hand, the gardening season is definitely incoming. And for the slightly green fingered readers out there, we would like to send a message out. Giving tips on how to arrange your garden this year, to not only get the benefit of a great garden, but also heightened security and reduced risk for intrusion. If you are curious on how a security provider can help you with your garden security, please feel free to give us a call today. You can book in for a security survey of your property or you can bring your security questions forward to us. You can get in touch with our dedicated service today, simply by giving us a ring. So when it comes to defensive gardening, or security gardening as we sometimes call it there are a few things to keep in mind. Thinking thorns is the first and foremost thing, having thorny brushes and bushes in the garden will make it much more difficult to navigate, especially in the dark. Roses along fences and if you have a trellis is something that will not only look and smell lovely, but something that will make it much more difficult for a potential intruder to make his or her way into your garden. Should you require more security tips or suggestion on defensive garden plants, please feel free to get in touch with a provider who you can trust, give us a call today.

Home security with a security provider, Keeping up to date!

 up to date securityOften when someone mentions high security, many people picture some sort of almost prison like scenario and are put off the image, leaving them without motivation to ensure that their home is as safe and secure as it could be. Times have moved much, and the home security systems available today don’t look like things from science fiction films or fantasy. They are smooth looking and highly efficient little devices, often interactive and using different type of monitoring techniques. What we as a security provider would also include in home security is the day to day things which are not commonly thought about, such as making sure that your locks are up to the standard which in which current threats are kept at bay. As well as keeping the chances of your home being targeted to a minimum. For a security installer team like you can get in touch with if you give us a call, keeping up to date is something which can be done at low cost and something which we see is highly worth doing. If you have any questions to how you can better keep up to date with the security of the time, please feel free to give our expert team a call at your closes convenience.

Keep your valuables safe with a safe

 home safeShould you be searching for a way to keep some of your most valuable possessions and documents at home safe from intruders, what we and many providers recommend is getting a safe for your home. This is a relatively low cost, and even if you were to be unfortunate enough to fall victim to a burglar, chances are that they will not be able to take anything which you have chosen to place in the home safe. So for advice from a professional, give us a call today, we can help you find a home safe which is suitable to your situation and your preferred price range. Burglar safes of course come in different sizes and varieties, and what type of safe you need often depends on what you are planning to protect and of course how much space it takes. So feel free to get in touch with the professionals here today, and find out how you can best protect your valuables at home, even in the worst possible scenarios.

Our team recommends key-finding gadgets to save your time

 key finding gadgetIf you think back, when is the last time that you spent any time searching for your keys? Was it a few hours back, or perhaps this morning, or perhaps yesterday? What we know is that the average person will spend an enormous time searching for their keys, what we also know, is that often when searching for our keys we are in a hurry, and cause ourselves more stress than good. This is the reason to why the team would like to recommend getting a key finding gadget. Silly or excessive as they may seem, in many cases, they actually do exactly what the description states. A key finding gadget, whether one that works with GPS pointing your smart phone in the right direction, or one that makes a sound when you send it a signal from a device, the fact remains. This type of gadget can save you much time and stressful situations. We know what there is a wide range of different type of key finding gadgets, and they also range widely in prize, what we would suggest for any individual, is to choose a model which is in line with preference and that suits in the lifestyle that you are living. So if you are a smart phone user, it may be a good idea to get something that works in conjunction with your smart phone etc.

Security awareness

 home security awarenessSomething that we would like to broadcast, and raise awareness of in a general perspective is that of home security. In the way that we see it, we see that as people we invest much of our time and our lives in making a home just right for ourselves. A home is often seen as an extension of a person, in which you can see many personality traits and many wonderful things. The question then for the team becomes, how come we can spend so much time, energy and effort on building our homes just the way we want it, and yet we are hesitant to invest in the security of it. There climate today is slightly harsher than it was, and the risk of home intrusion is at an increase. Although it’s not the wish of the team to alarm anyone, we do feel that we want to raise awareness to home security. Making sure your locks at home are up to date, and resistant towards the attempts of the modern intellectual burglar doesn’t cost much, and if you get in touch with us we can come out and install the latest in anti snap and anti bump technology locks, which will leave you home in a much safer condition.

Benefits of a home security inspections

 home inspectionBooking in for a security inspection for your home property with one of our experts is something which we only see as beneficial. With a security inspection you will be able to find out what type of strength and weaknesses that your property has against possibility for a break in. One of our surveyors will be able to come to your home at a time which is convenient to your plans, and walk though your security solution with you. Covering all the basics from what type of door and lock security you have installed, and what you can do to increase the general security of the building and your garden. Our experts can then help advise you on what type of security measures would be suiting for you to make. This includes little tips and tricks which you can use to deter the attention of those who are seeking an easy target, as well as give you information on more extensive security solutions which may be suiting to you and your situation. So please feel free to get in touch today and book your security inspection now.

Alarm installation in time for Christmas with our installers

 alarm panelThere are countless of benefits to get an intruder alarm installed at home. And something that we would like to point out is that it is now, with the current development and the current market something that is accessible and affordable for the vast majority of home owners. An intruder alarm doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and we stock a wide range of systems ready for installation. Meaning that the team here can help you find what is suiting to your budget and your individual security situation. On top of that we can help you get this done in time for your Christmas holiday. This is of course of even more importance if you are planning celebrate your holiday away with family and friends. We know that a home left empty for a longer period of time is at greater risk of being a target for opportunistic burglars, and therefore we highly recommend getting an alarm installed. This will not only help you in case of an actual intrusion, but will also work as a fabulous deterring factor, which will greatly reduce the risk of your home becoming a target whilst you are away. So why not make sure that you can relax this holiday and leave the security to the experts. Feel free to give us a call today, and we can arrange for installation at a time convenient to you, it’s quick, easy and will leave you to welcome the new year in peace.

Some tips for your Christmas shopping list

 outdoor lightsHere we have a little tip of a couple of things which might be very beneficial for your to add to your shopping list if you are planning on a holiday away. Our team highly recommends getting a couple timers for your lights in the house, this way you can simulate someone being at home. This is enough to deter the majority of opportunistic burglars taking advantage of the fact that many leave their homes during this time of year. An outdoors motion sensor activated light is also a good idea if you don’t already have one. The illumination of the are not only acts as a strong deterrent but also acts as a visual alarm of movement in and will perhaps attract the attention of your neighbors who are celebrating at home. And lastly we would like to recommend getting a home intrusion alarm installed, we have a broad range of different affordable types and models in stock and available for quick installation at your convenience. Just get in touch with us, you’ll be sure to get the help to keep as secure as it can be over the holiday season so that you can fully enjoy your time away. Lastly we would like to remind anyone who does not have an anti-snap lock installed to also add this to your shopping list. Get in touch with us and book in an installation to protect your doors against snap-attacks.

Why our locksmiths are trained experts opt for Brisant over other anti-snap locks

 anti snapIn truth we’ve come across many locks which are labelled as an anti snap-lock who are not of sufficient standard to us. We often find that locks stating they are anti snap resistant are not of high enough standard to resist force and attack of many types. This is the reason to why our trained assistants recommends the Brisant locks. The Brisant range incorporates a cylinder lock which makes use of a specific type of steel bar, placed as so that great resistance to brute force attacks is achieved. On top of that, our team always takes great care, and performs installations with precision, as poor fitting will undoubtedly compromise the effectiveness of the lock itself. And as mentioned before, the Brisant range has a lock which is specifically tailored for different types of doors, meaning that we will be able to provide you with the highest quality of lock product as well as the most professional installation service, giving you the best protection available on the security industry market today. So make sure that you are protected for this winter holiday, and enjoy your holiday with family and friend assured that your home is safe and sound behind locked doors which you simply cannot bypass easily. Should you have any questions on the Brisant range, anti snap locks and your home security, get in touch today and we’ll answer any questions you may have.