What we Do

24/7 Unlocking – doors, safes etc

Most of our work comes from providing access to people who are unable to gain access to their property and need an emergency locksmith near me. The main reason is that people forget their keys in the building or lose their keys.

We provide a 24 hour service to open any type of for domestic, business or commercial premises. In fact we can open any type of lock where access is concerned.

Security inspections

 alarmWhen it comes to the security of your property, knowledge is power. We offer a comprehensive security inspection which will assess every entry point to your property and its outbuildings to ensure that doors and windows are secured and that there is nothing easily to hand in outbuildings that would aid any potential intruders.

Lock installations, quick, easy and secure with our service

the highest level of dedication golden pad lockWhat we often do is encounter people who are in search of improving their security at home, and of course it’s not easy for someone without experience in the area to know what is required. In many cases one does not get in touch to get the lock on the door changed unless it’s broken.

However, what our technicians would like to bring to your attention, is the fact that you may be at risk at this very moment.

Holding off on something as vital as getting your door locks checked and upgraded if needed is something which may in the worst case scenario prove a disaster.

Speaking to us is the first step to ensure that your locks are of the right calibre, to keep your as best protected from the common threats of today.

And if you don’t have a dead bolt installed on your front and back doors it may be a good time to give that idea some thought now. We have changed enough locks broken by a burglar or intruder to know that there is ample need to get protected.

If you get in touch, a check and change can be performed fast, and at a near time suiting to your schedule. Of course it does not eliminate threat completely, but acts as the main and most important factor of your home security solution.

A full survey of your home or business area is also something that can be conducted by a professional who’s up to date and how knows what to look for when conduction a risk assessment of the area.

There is no reason to push something which is affordable, quick and easy, and in effect puts you in a much more secure position at home or at work.

Lock checks by skilled individuals

 helping you check your locksEnsuring that your home is a safe place for your family and a secure place to keep your valued belongings is perhaps one of the most naturally important things in anyone’s life. And if you are giving some extra thoughts, due to recent news, to your home security you may be a bit overwhelmed as of where to start. What our expert helpers would say, is at the locks. By ensuring your locks on your windows and doors are up to standard you have come a long way in the direction of an ideal home security situation. Our team are experts at anything locks, and if you wish to book in for a lock check performed by a trained professional, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.Replacements of locks can be done rapidly, and many affordable and up to standard locks are in stock ready for installation.

A bad lock can be bypassed in a matter of a couple of minutes by those who know how, so ensuring that your locks are of a kind which can withstand attack in a much more proficient way is a given for the team here. Not only will an up to date lock provide physical protection, but it will also have a deterring factor on any potential burglar looking for an easy target.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with ensuring that your locks at home are as they should be, get in touch with our experts today.

You can call at any time, this also of course applicable if you are in urgent need of help in a lockout scenario.

Business security bars, gates, safes and more with our experts

 helping you with shutters and moreIf you are an up and coming business in current development you may in your success have had thoughts on your security.

Especially if you are keeping stock, cash and if you have an insurance policy to cover you against disaster which requires up to date security means in place to be valid.

If you get in touch with the experienced team you will be able to find solutions for your business security situation which are not only in line with any policies with insurance companies that you have, but also within the scope of your reasonable budget, as well as of course providing the highest quality of physical protection available on the market today.

Our team of caring individuals fully understands the stresses that running a business involves, and we are simply here to help ensure that theft is not a disaster which has to be on your list of concerns.

Being able to leave the security of your work building in the hands of someone with experience and knowledge in the field, someone who is up to date with current industry news and who will always make sure that you get what is the best current protection that suits you, is hopefully something which will allow you to sleep better at night.

Perfectly cut Keys

 precision key cutting serviceHere the team are believers in high quality no matter what type of service it is that you are after.

This is why to us, great knowledge of each area of our services is of the highest priority, and our assistants are always training to ensure that we can provide you with the highest standards of service and skills.

If you add to that how we never compromise quality, aim for competitive pricing and ensure that all of our products are to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that if you come to us, you will only get the best.

We put you first, no matter what you need.

If you are needing to get new keys cut, to use a spares, or to be used in your day to day life, you can always trust in the keys cut by our skilled and dedicated team.

We have great understanding of just how important it is to have great keys, and an enjoyable and pleasurable key turn every time.

Keys cut by us will not only give you the highest standard in materials to ensure that you go home with long lasting, durable, precision cut keys but also the assurance that your key will work first time, and every time.

Should you be wondering about anything with regards to your keys, or if you are in need of any of the other reliable services which you can locate here, feel free to get in touch at your own closes convenience.

We are flexible and accommodate for your busy schedule with pleasure, so feel free to call today!

Finding one service to provide for all your needs

home security checks
Finding the service you need, at the price which suits you in the area you live may be a hard task at best, especially in times of urgent need.

If you have been engaged with this pursuit in the past, you may have a good understanding of this. This is why a service who cares are here to inform you of a service which is not only competitive in price, but quick, convenient and always ready when you need it the most.

Flexibility is important, and being able to fit appointments around a busy city life is something that this team has the greatest understanding of. Having provided excellent services to many happy and recommending customers is something which is a feat any service would be proud of.

The reason that such great quality of service and products can be found in the minds of such a busy location, is simply as traditional values and genuine care and dedication to workmanship still lives with this team.

Continuous hard work, and great communication with customers have lead to long lasting customer relationships which are simply based on the merit of work performed and dedication displayed.

If you don’t believe it is possible, have a chat with our previous customers, or get in touch and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team members today. With this service, one number is really all you need to cover what you need.

Regular lock and security checks from our crew

 indoors lockFor a service and a team which you can trust, get in touch with a highly recommended service in your area.

By speaking to experts you will be able to perform simple lock checks at home or at work which will help you keep up to date with security standards. Meaning that the protection you need to battle current threats will always be in place.

For extra insurance you can of course also book in with a professional expert who will help walk through you home or your business area and ensure that the most vital points of your security is checked.

For every property, the key feature the security is in the locks. Many known methods of breaking in are performed in a quick manner by those who knows what they are doing, making what locks you have on your doors and windows a feature which can be the difference between smooth running and disaster.

Our team understands just how important it is to keep yourself, your family and your investment safe.

A good security solution in place will not act as a deterrence and provide you with physical protection against crime, but also leave your min in a calmer state to deal with all the challenges which life has to offer.

For a lock check, security inspection or just to speak to a security expert, get in touch today. This way you can make sure that you have done what you can to keep yourself secure and minimise the risk of a catastrophic scenario.

Booking in is easy, and the security check itself does not take much longer than the time it takes to walk though your building and premises, however it can prove an invaluable decision made, saving you time and money in the long run.

A service providing for all your requirements

F lock installationor the team here one of the primary objectives is to be able to provide you with a full and round service, ensuring your convenience, comfort and of course above all, your security and safety.

For day to day needs speak with our friendly team today, and enjoy the benefit of quick, efficient and professional service from a team always caring and listening to you.

For key cutting, lock repairs, lock installation, window lock installations and whatever else you can think of, quality is guaranteed here. Our crew aim to provide for all your security and lock needs, both at home and at work.

If you get in touch you can find out more about the many services available here, and with many affordable products of the highest calibre in stock, you can have your security upgrade installed today.

If you have a custom made lock on your door, or a specially made security system at home which needs repair or replacement, you can also get in touch with our service.

Most services are readily available, but of course if there is anything which we cannot resolve for you straight away you will be sure to have found direction of where you need to go.

Window locks with a lock expert

 window locksMaking sure that the locks on your doors are up to date is something that many are on the ball with, however something that a security provider who has seen many different security scenarios has noticed, is that there often is a lack of attention given to the security around windows.

And windows are often left with insufficient security means for what they are protecting, and in relation to what kind of security and locks are provided for the doors.

If you are unsure, or have concerns with regards to your window locks, regardless if it’s at home or for an office or shop environment, please feel free to get in touch to reach a provider who knows about window locks.

Here you will find help and advice on what type of upgrades and products that may be good for you, and with priority on being a provider of the highest quality products.

You can also relax, and rest assured that the highest quality of products, by known and trusted brands in the lock industry will be provided. Of course here you can find exactly the help you need, if you are just requiring installation and you already know what you would like.

A trained window lock installer who is quick and precise in installation keeping prices down is what you can find here.

So get in touch with a provider who cares for customers, also making sure that factors as usability and budget are always kept in mind, meaning simply that making sure that your window locks are secure, and up to date with current security standards is not something that has to cost an arm and a leg, but something that is affordable and very much worth doing.

Security survey, advice and installation, all from one dedicated service

 silver keys locks securityHave you ever had any thoughts on your home security, or perhaps you own a small business which may be in need of a security survey to ensure that the premises is as safe as it needs to be. The way this service sees it, there are many small businesses and many UK homes that today are left without proper protection, and seeing that , the protection required to lower risk greatly is not a big effort or a big cost. There are really no good reasons to let something so important wait.

Should you book in for a security survey, performed by a trained and experienced team, you can expect to find the things in your security situation which are currently causing you the greatest risks and how you can best protect these areas. Above that, the team is flexible and always highly respecting of your time.

Meaning that a security survey can be booked for a time which is convenient to you, regardless of how your day to day schedule looks we work to your convenience and fit work in at times suited to you.

So should you have any questions, or any concerns at all with regards to your security situation, why not speak to someone with experience in the field, in the industry and in practicality. It doesn’t matter if you are a private home owner wanting to ensure that your family is safe and secure, or if you are looking to get your business security up to date, and up to the standards required.

So get your advice from a service who knows security, anything from central lock systems, code locks, security bars, alarm systems and monitoring systems is in the range of things that we can help you with, so feel free to get in touch today!

A security provider caring for customers

24/7 availabilityMaking sure that our level of customer care is of the highest standards, not only making sure that we are always there and available for our customers when they need us, though our 24 hour available emergency lockout telephone line.

But also making sure that we treat each customer and each job as if we were dealing with our own safety and security is something that a provider who cares for their customers places the greatest priority on.

So, rest assured should you ever need an emergency provider, you can always reach our friendly team who is equipped with the knowledge and the tools to help you with whatever situation that you may have. Regardless if it’s a case of having lost access to one’s own premises, or if it’s that you are stuck at a venue or at home due to not being able to lock a malfunctioning door or window lock we can help.

On top of that, for a provider who wants to be able to provide their customers will a wide range of service, promoting long customer relations and a lasting trust, we always make sure that our customers go away happy and satisfied with the work they have had done.

If you have any questions with regards to your own home security, or perhaps you are responsible for the security at the office, please feel free to get in touch with us, and let a security provider help you find the best individual security solution which is suitable and applicable to your specific security requirements and budget. So please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a provider whom is dedicated to your security, convenience and care.

Emergency property

Locking yourself out of your home or business cuasing much frustration and delay. You will want to know that the service you call will be with you fast. Our team responds to many emergency call-outs within half an hour, so you are not left standing in the rain. We have the technology to deal with 90% of lockouts without damaging your property in any way. Where locks do need to be replaced this can be dealt with straight away, because our vans carry so much equipment and materials on board. Contact www.locksmiths-of-leeds.co.uk today have your emergency solved by a team of experts.